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Widower Works 3 Jobs to Take Daughter Home from Shelter, Soon Learns She’s Not His Child

The grammar in the text needs significant improvement. Here is a corrected version: A widower works three jobs to take his daughter home from a shelter. He soon learns that she’s not his biological child. “I promise, sweetheart, give me a couple of months and we’ll be reunited. Wait for Daddy, alright?

Harry tearfully says to his daughter, Mia. “Don’t leave me here, Daddy, please. Where’s Mommy? Leave me with Mommy instead,” she cried. “Your mom.

.” Harry hesitates. “Your mom’s gone on a long business trip. I don’t know when she’ll be back.” To spare his daughter the hurt, the truth was that his wife died a month ago after battling cancer. Read the full story here ▶