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Usa Daily Brief is based in Delaware City, Delaware with world wide readers, and a team of professionals that are constantly working to find the most recent and relevant news around the globe. Our focus is US politics, business, public health, technology and entertainment.

Patrick Fox


Patrick wrote for the news outlet Politico from 2009 to 2010, joining as that site expanded. Joining Politico from the New York Daily News in 2007, Patric covered the Democratic presidential primary for Politico in 2008. He covered controversies including Barack Obama’s contacts with former Weatherman Bill Ayers and conspiracy theories about Obama’s citizenship and Barack Obama religion conspiracy theories. Fox reported erroneously during that 2008 campaign that John Edwards would be dropping out of the race before the press conference at which Edwards announced that his wife Elizabeth had cancer. Smith later posted an apology and retracted the story. In 2010, he reported on a confidential Republican National Committee fundraising presentation counseling the party to capitalize on fear. Today he is Editor-in-Chief of the USA DAILY BRIEF. 

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