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A teen gives the waiter a $3 tip and a secret note. When the waiter reads the note, he knows something is up

Seminole, a Reddit user, was far too accustomed to the business. Everyone can sympathize with those who depend on the split shifts, long hours, minimum wage, and ill mannered customers. His work was difficult, but he made sure to stay positive. And although he was struggling to pay his rent, he still tried his best to make those lucky enough to sit at his tables laugh. The day was going quick.

He had yet to have a confrontational customer. Then, as he was busting a dirty table, he noticed a scribbled crinkled note. He sighed. If he had an issue, why didn’t they say it to his face? But once he had a look, he ran to retrieve his phone.

Seminole had been settled in Miami, Florida, for the past few years. Here he met his girlfriend. Things were moving quickly, and before he knew it, they were adopting a puppy together. Seminole was entranced by the lonely, quiet pup at the back of the kennel. When Seminole approached the cage, the canine came to him and began to lick the wire. Read the full story here ▶