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YouTuber Convicted Years After Killing Two Newborns At Home In Secret

A 32-year-old YouTuber, mother and makeup artist has been convicted and sentenced to prison after a trial found her guilty of killing two newborns on separate occasions.

The mother gave birth several years apart after secret pregnancies. Both babies were born alive, were thrown into the garbage in her home after their births, and left to die.

A mother of two from South Carolina, Alyssa Dayvault, was convicted of homicide by child abuse.

Dayvault turned herself in to police the day immediately after her trial ended in October after she was convicted of killing two newborns in her home. At the trial, which Dayvault did not attend, it was found that she hid her back-to-back pregnancies in both 2017 and 2018 from her friends, family, and boyfriend.

When labor started in both cases, she gave birth home alone in her North Myrtle Beach. According to prosecutors, Dayvault put the newborns into trash bags and threw them away.

The pregnancies were discovered after medical issues started happening after one of Dayvault’s secret birth in 2018.

Dayvault admitted that one baby, a girl, was born in 2017 with the umbilical cord around her neck. She died in November 2017. She also said she had given birth to a boy in December 2018, in taped interviews with the police. She also alleged she blacked out for about 15 minutes after the birth, and when she came to, her son was dead.

In both cases, she said she panicked and disposed of the bodies.

Police revealed that when they began an investigation into Dayvault, she reportedly went to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center in December 2018. She had complained of heavy bleeding in the days after she had secretly given birth when a tear caused by the labor and delivery became infected.

The hospital gave her a blood transfusion. And while attempting to investigate what was causing the blood loss, they discovered an undelivered placenta. She was pressed on where the baby was, and when she didn’t have an answer, the hospital called police.She then confessed to the police how she had given birth and also, informed about the previous birth as well.

At first, the mom denied that she had given birth, WMBF News reported. But then, she later confessed to giving birth at home and that both babies were breathing and alive after she delivered them.

Dayvault confessed to putting the babies in the garbage at her home. She alleged she was worried about having children because her boyfriend didn’t want babies. She additionally was worried about how her mother would react.

The father of the two newborns and also, ex-boyfriend, Chris Matechen, was not aware she had been pregnant, Kiro7 reported. She was arrested in December 2018.