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Woman Warns Others to Check Their Hair Products After the Conditioner She Purchased Was Soiled With Nair

After a Wisconsin woman used the conditioner she purchased at a local Walmart; her hair began to fall out in clumps.

According to Fox 13, Ashley Rose purchased Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume conditioner on Friday, July 26. However, as Ashley and her mom explained on Facebook, after she used the conditioner, her hair started falling out in clumps.

Now, the mom and daughter believe someone mixed Nair in with the conditioner and put it back on the shelves for someone to buy. Nair is a hair-removal product. Ashley warned others on Facebook:

I have to share [because] tonight has been very, very traumatic for me. You don’t think to check your shampoo or conditioner once you buy it, well tonight that changed for me. I just went on with my normal Sunday routine, got in [the] shower, [shampooed] and conditioned my hair, got out, something was different and didn’t smell the greatest.

I carried on, sat down for a bit, and then decided to go blow dry my hair. I took my hair out of the towel and it smelt terrible, got back in the shower, used my other shampoo and rubbed that in, as I took my hands out of my hair it was covered in hair and just kept on falling out.

Ashley continued by saying she sought medical attention to check for any chemical burns:

Trip to the ER to make sure I didn’t get any chemical burns. Thankfully in some spots, it was just red and irritated but looked okay. My hair is still falling out and I know will continue to. I can’t trust anything anymore. I don’t know what I’m going to do at the moment I’m just letting everything soak in.

Her mom also took to Facebook to explain why they believe Nair was added to the conditioner. She said that the conditioner is meant to be white in color, but instead, the bottle Ashley purchased had a pink tint to it.

Wcco Chanel 4 will air tonight August 1 at 6pm***** I am stressed to the max as is everyone else with the rude…

Taffy Jo wrote:

Attention New Richmond, Wisconsin Walmart shoppers be aware of shampoo and conditioner you buy there as my daughter Ashley Rose bought some 2 days ago and someone mixed Nair in her conditioner bottle!!!! As I speak she is losing hair and crying!! …This conditioner is supposed to be white is is [an] ugly pink color. Please note this is NOT FAKE! The police are gonna be watching camera footage along with the detectives.

The mom later updated those following her daughter’s story to share that Ashley has since made the decision to shave her head:

Update…Ashley went to get a consultation for extensions her hair is so brittle and still falling out they can’t do anything.
Ashley’s uncle shaved her head Monday night.

This momma is full of emotions [right] now. Ugh! Ashley is doing great! She just has to get [used] to all of this. I [saw] her yesterday and this girl is beautiful! We haven’t heard from the police or anyone else yet. Thank you everyone for the continued support.

The following day, Ashley took Facebook to share more photos of her hair loss.

As I type this I’m crying bc that’s all I have done since this incident. This is raw and has hit me like no other. My…

After ultimately shaving her head, Ashley shared a quote that read, “Behind every bald head is a powerful story, one worth changing someone else’s life.”

She admitted that she’s scared to go out in public now, but she’s working on getting stronger every day.

According to Fox 13, a spokeswoman for Walmart “confirmed that the company is investigating the incident and working with law enforcement to review camera footage.”