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Woman Walks Out Of Restaurant Without Paying But Then The Waiter Makes A Big Discovery

Every week, 88-year-old b would go to the same restaurant. She was always alone and always ate the daily special. It was something for her to look forward to. She knew the staff and everyone talked to her while she enjoyed the food, but the last time she was in the restaurant. She behaved very strangely.

She was nervous at dinner and didn’t want to talk to the staff. Finally, she walked out without paying, but when the waiter cleared her table, he made a bizarre discovery. The staff realized that the woman was not feeling well and wondered why they decided not to run after her to ask for the money. After all, she was a regular guest and the bill could be paid at another time. Bee had been coming to their restaurant for 30 years.

She always sat at the same table by the window and always showed up. At the same time, she was known to all the staff, so everyone realized that something extraordinary was going on, but what was it b? Hadn’T always go to the restaurant alone. At first, Bee came with her husband, and her husband, loved the restaurant, because the food was of good quality and affordable. The very first week the restaurant opened Bee and her husband were there. Read the full story here ▶