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Woman Walks 20 Miles To Work Until One Day Cop Follows Her And Sees Why

Isn’t it just another day, another dollar, another day meant another 20 miles of walking for this woman in order to get her dollar. While many people in the United States go to work by car, bus or train, this woman walks walk 10 miles to work and then the same 10 miles home. That’s a distance of 20 miles total per day, every single day.

Walking 10 km first thing in the morning may seem difficult, but you’ll be fresh after hopefully a good night’s sleep. But after a long day at work, 10 miles one day in August 2018 in Nashville, just like any other for J.

Lisa Corbat, she needed to get to work on time because it was a routine working day. However, one person appeared out of nowhere and turned an ordinary day into one of the happiest days of her life. Looking for a heartwarming tale, a gentle nudge to remember that there are nice people in the world. The video to watch is this one. These are the kinds of stories that renew our confidence and humanity, at least for people like me, who tend to get distracted by all the negativity we see in here every day. Read the full story here ▶