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Woman Takes Bullet for Stranger’s Son. You won’t believe what happened next!

Elizabeth Barnett had always been an independent woman. Life had taught her to become one after her parents died in a fire that engulfed their home years ago. Her so-called husband had walked out of her life, claiming he had no responsibility for her, their children, and so, rather than mourning the separation from her husband, she was more concerned with the future of her children, their education, and instilling good ideals in them so that they grow up to be good human beings.

However, life is a way of putting everyone to the test, and Elizabeth’s children had to face the harsh side of their fates too soon. Elizabeth used to work three jobs per week and 12 hours a day to support her children, which included working as a nurse at a hospital on weekdays and at a pizzeria on weekends, besides working as a cashier at a tiny grocery store in the mornings. Read the full story here ▶