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A woman filed an unusual lawsuit this morning at the Wayne County Circuit Court, in Detroit, demanding $1,125,750 in child support from the United States postal services, alleging the federal agency facilitated child support evasion by the five mailmen who fathered her six children.

In her lawsuit, 31-year old Susan McGuire blames USPS for frequently and easily moving their employees from one sector or city to another, facilitating evasion of parental responsibilities and child support payments.

Ms. McGuire has six children between ages 9 months and 7 years old, including 4-year old twins, and identifies five USPS employees and former employees as the fathers.

The 31-year old mother says the repeated pattern in her children’s fathers’ behavior suggests that their superiors were facilitating their evasion from their parental responsibilities.

“They would visit me every day to have sex for months or even years, but as soon as I announced I was pregnant, they were all immediately reassigned somewhere else and disappeared.”

Susan McGuire’s lawyer, Ms. Sharon Farris, says USPS was complicit in its employees’ behavior and must therefore assume responsibility for the harm suffered by her client.

“USPS helped these men avoid their responsibilities and left my client to raise six children by herself. Five men is not an isolated case, it’s an institutional culture of child support evasion.”

Ms. McGuire’s lawyer, Sharon Farris, says that USPS has a culture of covering up for its employees and her client’s children are the ones paying the consequences.

USPS has refused to comment on the case but issued a short statement mentioning that “the agency is stunned by the reclamations as it can’t technically father children”.

The federal agency also announced it would launch an internal investigation to clarify the situation and see if disciplinary measures are necessary against its employees.

The two parties are expected to appear in court in March for the beginning of the procedures.