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Woman Finds Late Son’s Dog Near His Grave, ‘I Took It Home Thrice & It Always Comes Back’ Says Guard

A small dog’s young owner passes away, and he disappears. The cemetery guard takes him home and tells his owner’s mom a heartbreaking story.

When Steve died in a motorcycle accident, his parents, Darlene and Steve Sr. were devastated. Steve was their only child, the light of their lives. On the day of Steve’s funeral, Darlene couldn’t stop crying.

Steve Sr. consoled her as best he could, but they forgot one member of the family who was as grief-stricken as they were — Pickles, Steve’s dog, and his best friend.

How Pickles knew that Steve was dead is a mystery. He’d been going away to college in Massachusetts for a year, and it was there that the fatal accident happened. Read the full story here ▶