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Woman faced up to 10 years in prison ‘over what she wanted to buy at Walmart’!

Police officials said that the 49-year-old woman, Rebeca, reportedly went to her local Walmart with a clear objective for her shopping trip.

Even though she could’ve bought whatever she wanted at the store, what she really wanted was something that couldn’t be found on any shelf. The woman approached a mother who was with her child at Walmart and offered to pay the woman $500,000 for something very unusual, officials said. The mother had both an infant and a one-year-old toddler with her when this occurred.

While the mother was using the self-checkout counter, the 49-year-old woman reportedly approached and asked to buy her baby. Rebeca said she loved the baby’s blonde hair and blue eyes, then inquired about how much money the mother would want for the infant. Read the full story here ▶