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Woman Caught On Camera Repeatedly Beating A Dog In Broad Daylight

At some point, we all snap. We all have our limits, and when that limit is reached, we react.

Sometimes people yell and scream – other people lash out and hit and punch.

It is okay to lose your temper – it is never okay for you to hit an animal or another person.

Remember this name – Irene Ledesma. She lives in the Bajo de Vertiz neighborhood in Argentina.

Irene was also filmed beating a dog over and over and over with a stick right out in the open.

She didn’t even try to hide. The dog wasn’t a stray, it belonged to her!

The dog eventually collapsed on the ground during the beating – but Irene didn’t care, she just kept hitting the dog.

If I had been the person behind the camera, I certainly would not have just stood there filming!

I would have yelled at her to stop or at least tried to get her attention. Irene left her 13-year-old dog to die on the street.

Thankfully, some kind people took the dog to the vet and was reportedly recovering.

If you want, watch the disturbing video, it shows Irene beating her dog to within an inch of its life.

Please don’t be the person standing behind the camera who does nothing. Act. Help save a life.

Perhaps if Irene had known someone was watching she wouldn’t have kept hitting the dog over and over.

Be the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Share away, people.