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Woman Buys Used Ring For $13. Years Later She Discovered Something About It That Made Her Jaw Drop!

God works in mysterious ways, and when some people can’t afford to buy real diamonds, He rewards or in some cases surprises them when they least expect it. God wants those people who do not have much to get the most out of life as only these people really appreciate the good things in life like expensive jewelry. Someone who has easy access to all these things on a regular basis won’t appreciate the joys of having something valuable as much as someone who doesn’t get everything they want all the time.

Something interesting happened to a London woman who purchased what she thought was a regular ring for 13 dollars, not realizing the real value of what she had bought. Firstly, you must know the four important C’s of every diamond – cut, clarity, carat, and color. These are the most important aspects of a diamond that you must evaluate thoroughly before purchasing one. Making sure that the four C’s are perfect will ensure you that your diamond will shine and dazzle on you for many years to come. But apart from the four C’s of a diamond, there is a fifth C that should also be taken into consideration before buying a diamond and that is cost. This is of course if you’re paying the bill yourself.

This London woman thought she had got the deal of a lifetime when she purchased a 13-dollar ring at a car boot sale but little did she know of the returns this 13-dollar baby would bring her over the years to come. A small amount invested would bring her an exponential return. She was shopping at the West Middlesex Hospital in London in the 1980s and saw a piece of costume jewelry that caught her eye. Even though the stone was set in a slightly old-fashioned manner she loved the ring and immediately bought it and wore it everywhere she went. She would even have it on her finger on a trip to the grocery store.

This woman wishes to remain anonymous. She recently took it a local jeweler as she was curious about the ring and wanted to have it valued. And what she found out next shocked her, the jeweler and practically everyone else around her. It was actually in fact a 26 carat diamond ring valued at 456,000 dollars. And this meant that for over 30 years this London woman was wearing nearly half a million dollars on her hand everywhere she went.

Jessica Wyndham who worked at the Head of Sotheby’s London Jewelry Department explained how this could have been mistaken for costume jewelry. It was a cushion shaped diamond that was set in a 19th-century mount and the silver was tarnished that added to its age and made the diamond appear outdated and dull. This is why the true sparkle and brilliance of the diamond was covered beneath many years of dirt and a deep setting.

The ring was then tested at the Gemological Institute of America where it was confirmed that the value of the ring was anywhere between $325,000 to $456,000. The woman sold the ring at the Sotheby’s Fine Jewels sale on June 7, 2017. The next time think twice before you chuck out what you might think is just a worthless piece of costume jewelry; it might be your ticket to getting rich.

Family Buys Bowl at Yard Sale for $3, When It’s Flipped Over They Find Out Its Real Worth

You never know what you might find at the next yard sale but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon richness. You would expect most of what you buy in a yard sale to come at dirt cheap prices and getting a good deal makes your day. But what you would never expect is finding real treasure worth millions of dollars. What this person discovered at a yard sale will surely blow your mind.

You aren’t always lucky to find what you might be looking for at a yard sale but sometimes you might just find the exact thing that you were looking for. Most of us visit yard sales in the hope of finding something unique and interesting that we might get at a slightly cheaper price, very rarely expecting that we might just stumble upon an amazing discovery. Because all that happens only on TV shows like Antiques Roadshow…right?

Wrong! Keep your mind and your eyes open. This one family – a typical suburban family from New York were checking out a yard sale in the year 2007 when they came across a pretty white bowl for just 3 dollars. They bought it immediately because they thought they got a good deal. The bowl was nothing great to look at; five inches across and a nice little floral motif carved into it.

The family displayed it on their living room mantelpiece instead of using it as an actual bowl. After many years they became curious about the bowl’s origins and had it professionally examined. And what they found out left them absolutely dumbfounded. Turned out that this simple bowl was over a thousand years old and was from the Song Dynasty of China. It was a style of ceramic pottery called “Ding” ware worth over – get ready for this – 2.25 million dollars. Luckily the bowl was in decent condition after all these years and the bidder who bought it said the bowl was in almost perfect condition. How lucky is this American family? The bowl was valued by the Sotheby’s auction house.

Can you imagine what must have been running in the mind of the person who sold this bowl for just 3 dollars? He must be cursing his bad luck and the family who was lucky enough to come across this bowl must be paying tribute to the Song Dynasty of China!