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Woman Buys Second-hand Furniture For $300: In One Of The Pieces Of Furniture She Finds A Secret Compartment Full Of Money

A woman from Oak Creek was seeking for a deal on furniture when, to her surprise, she found one. The disputed furniture was being offered for sale by the son of a recently dead De Pere couple (De Pere is a city located in Brown County, Wisconsin, United States). The son showed the woman the secret compartments in the furniture before selling it to her. It came out that he was unaware of a compartment that was there.

When Ms. Laural Jaecks discovered three dressers and a bed headboard produced by some Amish artisans on her Facebook Marketplace page, she believed she had scored a deal. The greatest quality items are made by the Amish, according to Ms. Jaecks. The young man accepted the woman’s offer of $300 for the furniture at that point. Read the full article here ▶