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Woman Abandoned Toddler in Parking Lot After Spending 2 Hours In Bathroom

Police are looking to identify a woman who they believe abandoned a toddler at a shopping center in Phoenix over the weekend.

Fox 10 reports that a Subway fast-food employee contacted police on May 18 about an abandoned child sleeping in a stroller in a parking lot near 19th Avenue and Indian School Road.

Phoenix police Sgt. Vince Lewis told CBS 5 :

“Someone who was on their way to work, was walking by a pile of really just debris and among that debris was a stroller and inside the stroller was a little moving leg. Thankfully, the witness went closer, checked the child, and found it sleeping.”

The child was found wearing a Beatles shirt, sweatpants, and one sock.

Surveillance footage shows what police believe to be the last time the child, who is around 1 or 2 years old, was with an adult.

Security cameras captured a young woman coming into a Food City grocery store located in the shopping center around 5 a.m. on Saturday.

Lewis explained:

“The woman went into the grocery store, stayed in the restroom for about an hour and 45 minutes, and then emerged again. The video we have is the last visual contact we have of an adult with that child that we know of.”

Furthermore, the abandoned child did not appear to have any injuries but was taken to a hospital for examination. The toddler remains in the care of the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

According to police, the woman shown in the security footage may face an abandonment charge, which is a felony.

Fox 10 reports that police are also keeping in mind that the child may have other family members out there. Those who have any information regarding the child or the woman should call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.