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‘Wish You Were Here, Dad’ Orphaned Bride Cries, Awestruck as Crowd of Cops Arrives at Wedding

Charlotte’S father breathed his last without getting to see his daughter as abroad. When she broke down over the father-daughter dance, she would never have. She was distracted by a group of strangers, Gabe crashing her wedding. The moment Arthur first laid eyes on his beautiful baby girl. She became his world.

I win. He whispered playfully to his wife Brianna, as they shared a moment of pure Bliss, with their newborn Arthur, had always wanted a girl and he had thought of a name years before Brianna was even pregnant Charlotte. He called out to her and watched her eyes follow his voice, Arthur and Brianna found themselves relishing the simple Divine pleasures of early Parenthood. Of course there were challenges too. Some nights Brianna was too exhausted to put Charlotte to sleep. Read the full story here ▶