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Wife Dies From Cancer – Two Years Later Husband Receives A Miracle From Her!

In September of 2019, David Schmitz’s wife Brenda passed away at 46 to ovarian cancer after being diagnosed with stage 4 of the illness in January.

From then on, David always saw signs that he knew meant she was watching over him and their four sons. The day she passed, a double rainbow appeared in the sky despite there being no rain for five weeks, reminiscent of her favorite song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

He often saw seagulls, her favorite bird, flying overhead, and thought of her. But then came something more than just a sign – something even more concrete to the world – that David hadn’t expected.

Recently, David had gotten engaged to a lovely woman named Jane. A family friend of Brenda’s had a letter from Brenda that she was only supposed to reveal when David was ready to move on and had found a new companion who he loved, would be there with him, and would take care of their four sons.

The letter contained requests for a day of pampering for David’s new wife-to-be, a vacation for the entire family, and for all the medical staff who helped Brenda when she was sick to have a fun night out. They seemed like big requests, but luckily, that family friend was able to send the note to Star 102.5 radio, and they were so touched they knew they had to step in and help.

Watch this amazing video to find out what happened when David arrived for the radio’s talk show to be interviewed, and the surprises that followed!