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Widowed Teacher Can’t Feed 3 Kids As He Paid for Wife’s Care, All School Gathers at His Home Soon

A student noticed that his favorite teacher had been absent too long and learned he struggled to feed his kids. The teenager organized something special for him and his family, and then they gathered at the professor’s house as a surprise.

Billy walked quickly towards the principal’s office and worked on what he had to say. He was going to ask their principal, Mr. Geller if Mr. Davidson was coming back anytime soon. Mr. Davidson was their original physics teacher, and he was the best in the world. He encouraged all the students, and even though physics could be tricky, he knew how to explain it well.

They currently had a substitute teacher because Mr. Davidson’s wife died, and the professor had some things to arrange and asked for time off to deal with the rest. But Billy and almost everyone in the class wanted him back soon. The substitute professor was fine, but he didn’t explain things as well. Also, he wasn’t as nice as Mr. Davidson. Read the full story here ▶