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When Two Parents Went To Tuck Their Baby Into Bed, The Camera Captured Something Strange

There’s no more peaceful sight than that of a baby sleeping. So when two parents went to tuck their newborn baby up in bed, they couldn’t resist watching him for a moment. That’s when they noticed something unusual, however, and they caught the whole thing on camera. Gabriel Moore is a family man. He dotes on his children and since 2006 he has dedicated a youtube channel to their adventures together while the majority of his personal videos have modest viewing figures, one clip has taken the internet by storm in 2002.

Moore and his wife had just welcomed a newborn baby son called Tyler into the world and like most new parents, they were absolutely smitten with their infant child. In fact, the couple would often sneak into his bedroom to watch him sleep soundly in his crib on one such occasion, Moore found tyler fast asleep, with one arm resting up by his face, presumably for comfort enamoured with this baby boy, the adoring dad instinctively reached out To his son’s little hand, but then something strange happened and happily, for us, Moore, managed to capture the weird phenomenon on camera in the resulting clip. Read the full story here ▶