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When This Woman Told Students About Her Adoption, A Classmate Suddenly Realized A 30-Year-Old Truth

When this woman told students about her adoption, a classmate suddenly realized a 30 yearold truth. On the first day of any class, students can usually count on one thing a roundtable introduction. And this was certainly the case for Lizzie Valverde at Columbia University City in January 2013.

But while the autobiographical facts offered are typically fascinating ones, what Valverde revealed proved to be an exception for one student. Indeed, one of her unsuspecting classmates was stunned by what she learned that day. The introductory session for a creative writing class at the School of General Studies of Columbia University proved to be an extraordinary chapter in the lines of two participants.

Valverde had only enrolled for the course at the last minute and didn’t have the first idea about what she was to set in motion as she cleared her throat and began to talk. Then the 33 yearold gave her classmates a few facts about herself, with details that would leave one particular female student in disbelief. Read the full story here ▶