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When Fisher men Saw Turtle Floating In The Water, They Realized He Desperately Needed Help

When fishermen saw a sick turtle floating in the water, they realized he desperately needed help. When a group of Tasmanian fishermen noticed a turtle floating out in the Southern Ocean, they thought it was an incongruous sight and decided to investigate. They knew that the animal was way out of its comfort zone that far south. But when they manoeuvred their boat closer, the fishing party realized the turtle was not in a good way at all. That’s when they downed their nets and decided to help the desperate creature instead.

When they made their sighting in January 2017, the fishermen had been trawling off the southeastern coast of Tasmania. The Australian Island state is located in the Southern Ocean and is surrounded by a fascinating array of sea life as well as many species that are native to the region. Tasmanian waters play host to a number of visiting whales, Dolphins, seals and seabirds, so it’s safe to say that anyone who spends time on the open seas near Tasmania will see their fair share of marine life. However, when the fishermen spotted one animal on their outing, it gave them pause. That’s because the creature was a loggerhead sea turtle, which is far from native to local waters. Read the full story here ▶