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When A Dog Picked Up A Scent And Desperately Began Digging, What He Found Buried Alive Was Horrific

When young yang jolly came across her pet dog pawing away under a bush at first, she didn’t think much about it, but as she looked on, she could see that the dog was overwrought and digging in a frenzied manner. By now, she was beginning to grow alarm, but nothing compared to how she would feel in just a few short moments. Yang lives in Wutan on the fringes of Chongqing, a major conurbation in southwest china with her pet dog like most pooches. Her canine loves nothing more than having the run of places sniffing out all the exciting places to explore his local area. Luckily, for him it is mostly countryside around yang’s, home Wutan being fairly rural.

As a result, there is plenty of space and lots of interesting smells for a dog to investigate and he can go digging whenever the urge takes him. Sometimes yang would just open her door and let her dog out into the wilderness. However, one day when she did this, the animal positively bolted out of her home and because she hadn’t owned him very long, his actions surprised and worried her. As a result, she decided to follow him to a nearby area of thick woodland. She searched quickly through the trees until she found the dog in a small clearing and it seemed like he had smelt something in the soil yang looked on concerned. Read the full story here ▶