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What this teacher did on the graduation day to one of his students left the whole audience completely speechless

Richmond, VA – Mr. Vohn is a substitute teacher in a school in Richmond, Virginia. He is one of the most popular teachers in the school and the kids really like him.

He is helping them with their home-works and gives them advices for everything they might need, but on the graduation day he did something that left the audience speechless.

The student’s shoes broke shortly before he walked across the stage and the school’s guidance counselor brought the student and his mother to the art teacher hoping to find some supplies to patch the boy’s shoes back up. Unfortunately, none of the supplies worked as the shoes didn’t fit the kid.

That’s the moment when the teacher showed up and saved the moment: “I said you can wear my shoes man; I wear a size 10.” the teacher said. He knew that his size fits the boy.

“That’s just how Mr. Vohn is and I knew that I could count on him,” the boy said after the graduation celebration.

“I told him that he had to make a promise to me because it was nothing for me to do something like that for him. But he has to keep in mind that one day he’s going to be in my position and he has to do the same thing.” Vohn said.