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What Happens to Babies Inside The Womb

They Develop Eyes Before Eyelids

An embryo’s eyes start to develop around week eight in pregnancy and are fully developed by week 12, but eyelids don’t emerge until sometime late in the fifth month. Prior to then, you have a very thin, transparent membrane covering your eyes. That’s a long time for a baby to go without being able to blink.

They Develop an Anus First

Wrap your mind around the fact that during the first bit of your existence, embryonic you developed an anus before anything else, like a heart or a brain. Humans belong to a group in the animal kingdom called deuterostomes. This group of creatures, which includes sea cucumbers, urchins, and other vertebra animals, all develop an anus first.

They Swim in Their Own Bodily Fluids

Around 10 weeks into pregnancy, a fetus begins to pee into its surrounding amniotic fluid. By week 15, the fetus will start to ingest the amniotic fluid, which is full of five weeks of fetal urine. The baby then filters the urine through its new kidneys and the process begins again.

Their Intestines Grow Outside of Their Body

By week six of pregnancy, an embryo develops intestines, but they are not contained in the embryo. Rather, the intestines grow in the umbilical cord that connects the embryo to the mother. It takes a full six weeks before the intestines move into the fetus’s stomach area.

They Become A Fetus

Scientifically speaking, a baby in utero is not a baby. It’s a fetus. But before it’s a fetus, it’s a zygote… then blastocyst… then embryo. Once you reach the 8th week of development, you’re officially a fetus! Congrats!

They (Might) Be Able To Dream

While there’s no definite proof, some doctors have said that unborn babies experience rapid eye movement during their final months in the womb. That’s not a guarantee that they are dreaming, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

They Can Totally Hear

From about 24 weeks on, a fetus can hear its mothers heartbeat and blood rushing through her veins. It can also hear loud noises, yelling, and music. Some parents think that playing their fetus classical music will make them more intelligent so they’ll put headphones around the mother’s belly just so the baby can chill out to Mozart.

They’ll Play With You – Kinda!

Babies can sense touch and pressure from outside the womb so they will push back. While all fetuses kick, roll, and punch, sometimes if you tap or gently press on mom’s belly, the fetus will push back! It’s more of an instinct than anything but it’s still a fun little game.

They Are Covered in A Cottage Cheese-Like Substance

During the third trimester of pregnancy, a waxy coating known as vernix caseosa covers all babies. The gross biofilm resembles shiny cottage cheese and serves to protect the newborn’s skin from the amniotic fluid.

They Develop In Utero Acne

Problem skin doesn’t start when you hit puberty. Instead, you are blessed with acne and blisters while still in the womb. The condition known as pustular melanosis tends to clear within the first few months after birth.

They Can Suck Their Thumbs

Even before they’re born babies find comfort in sucking their tiny thumbs. If you have a well-timed ultrasound you can even see it sometimes.

They Hiccup

Baby hiccups are just adorable, and it’s still true before the baby is even born. Just like feeling a baby kick in the womb, every pregnant woman will love the sensation of their hiccuping baby moving around inside of her.