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‘We Want to Eat,’ Twins Beg Lady, She Notices They Have Her Late Son’s Birthmark

A grieving mother has lost the zeal to live, as she believes her life is meaningless without her son. But ten years after her son’s loss, she runs into a pair of twins who make her realize God kept her alive for a reason. Estella traced the inscription inside the ring like she’d done countless times before and cried. How could she not? A mother’s heart can never find solace after her child’s loss.

Neil, Estella’s bright, talented son, was a young scientist. He had followed in his late father’s footsteps, and his eyes twinkled whenever he spoke of atoms and molecules that were far beyond Estella’s understanding. All the single mother could do back then was smile at her son and encourage him about his career. Read the full story here ▶