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WATCH: When they told her one of her twins died. What happens next? A MIRACLE

I love medical stories that keep doctors scratching their heads.

It’s just proof to all the nonbelievers out there that God is ready and willing to perform miracles for everyday people like us all the time. They just come at the moments we least expect them.

Kate Ogg and her husband had been trying to have a baby for three years. Although they tried and tried to get pregnant, it just wasn’t working.

But finally the good news came. And then the doctors told Kate that she was pregnant with twins.

The soon-to-be parents thought they were ready. But they weren’t ready for what doctors said when Kate was 26-weeks pregnant…

Out of nowhere doctors told Kate that she was going into labor early. She was only at the 26 week mark and her twins were going to be extremely premature.

“It was the most frightening thing I’ve ever been told,” Kate admits in the video below. She was surrounded by professionals assisting with the birth. But after the twins came out, all the doctors and nurses were surprisingly quiet.

“When they were born we were eager to find out there’s a bit of confusion over what sex they were because when they’re premature everything is a little bit different.”

“First they called out it was two boys. Then they called out it was a boy and a girl,” Kate says exposing the doctors’ mistakes. While this was kind of funny for the new mom, thing quickly took a very dark turn.

The energy in the room shifted. Then the doctor turned to Kate and asked if she’d chosen a name for her son. She said yes. The boy’s name was Jamie.

That’s when the doctor broke the bad news. He said Jamie didn’t survive child birth.

Kate and her husband David were distraught. He collapsed next to his wife on the bloodied hospital bed. But it’s Kate’s instinctive next move that soon left doctors speechless.

“I just grabbed my baby from the doctor,” then the put the baby against her bare skin. She even ordered David to remove his shirt so the baby could be exposed to as much body heat as possible.

This saved Jamie’s life…

Since this amazing story happened, doctors have become more and more aware that skin-to-skin contact has benefits to newborn babies that can no longer be ignored by Western medicine.

It’s called “Kangaroo care” because it was a way to raise the body temperatures of premature babies and get them on the road to good health.

But when Kate put Jamie to her bare chest, the baby boy received so much more than just warmth. He felt his mother’s heart. He heard her speak to him about his sister Emily. And Jamie came back to life.

While kangaroo care used to be prescribed for moms and their babies. Now fathers are being asked to do it too. And babies reap the benefits.