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WARNING PARENTS: These Are Not Gummy Bears, This Is A New Deadly Drug

This is a warning to all parents out there, advise your children to be extra careful when buying gummy bears or jelly candy!  A new drug has appeared on the market which looks and smells like strawberry gummy bears, but it’s actually strawberry flavored crystal meth. It was dubbed “strawberry meth” and it’s powerful enough to kill a grown man.

Strawberry meth is a type of methamphetamine, a drug which has been around on the USA drug market for many years. This type of meth can be found in other flavors such as chocolate, not just strawberry, which is why you need to warn your children to be extra careful. Using this drug can shortly lead to an ugly death!

Crystal meth has started to gain popularity in recent years in both the EU and the USA and its popularity is increasing week after week. It’s a type of synthetic drug which wreaks havoc on your entire system and unfortunately the authorities haven’t been able to do anything to stop its proliferation, especially among young people.

Crystal meth can be taken differently, but most people smoke it. It can also be taken orally, through the nose and even intravenously with a syringe. It comes in the form of tiny crystals, called “ice”.

People who use this drug for longer periods of time experience serious side-effect, both physical and psychological. It causes severe physical and psychological addiction and activates certain brain cells right after you take it.

It’s relatively cheap compared to other drugs on the market, which is probably why it’s become so popular among young people. It’s produced in home meth-labs and it costs about 80$ a gram. Crystal meth is so much more dangerous than cocaine and heroin because it damages the central nervous system as well as the brain.

The side-effects of this horrific drug are extremely dangerous. Addicts begin to deteriorate physically, start to develop eczema and blisters over their entire body and many end up diagnosed with HIV eventually.

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