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Warning about a new trick: If you see a plastic bottle on your vehicle tire, you may be in danger

Criminals that rob drivers – and even steal their cars – are a source of concern for police around the world.

Now the police are warning everyone about a new trick that thieves use to steal valuable objects or even the cars themselves.

The trick is quite simple: the thieves put a target on cars in parking lots.

Usually it’s an empty plastic bottle over the right tire of the car. So the driver usually does not see it, and then they wait.

When the driver is about to leave, he hears strange sounds as the plastic bottle begins to break. Unaware of the existence of the bottle, and the thieves nearby, the driver’s first instinct is to get out of the car and investigate where the noise come from.

At this moment the thieves are carrying out their plan. Read the full story here ▶