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Voice of God Tells Her to Buy Homeless Man Bananas. Seconds after Giving Them to Him, She Loses It

A woman from New Castle, Indiana, listened and obeyed the whisper of God in her heart, telling her to help a homeless man. Tammy Lyons Wilkinson shared her incredible story of faith on Facebook, with a viral result.

Wilkinson said she was shopping at her local grocery store when she noticed a homeless man outside in the cold. She felt the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit whisper that she needed to help this man.

Wilkinson is a woman of faith, and she believes that God used her to provide food, hope, and kindness to the shivering man. “I heard the voice of Jesus say, ‘he loves bananas,’” Wilkinson said.

Obedient, Wilkinson placed a bunch of bananas in her cart, but knew the man needed more sustenance. Wilkinson immediately thought of buying him some warm, crispy fried chicken to fill his empty stomach.

Again, she heard a voice speak to her, telling her not to buy fried chicken. She was admittedly confused, but chose to respond in faith and obedience, buying the bananas and a few non-perishable items the man could stash away for later.

Wilkinson walked out of the store and gave her purchased goods to the homeless man. “Merry Christmas, God Bless,” she said to the man.

With a broad grin on her face, Wilkinson shared the amazing moment that happened next. She heard the voice of another woman tell the homeless man, “Today must be your lucky day!”

His ears perked up as the woman said to him, “I went back and I got you some fried chicken. It’s still warm if you care to eat it now, and there are some napkins in there for you.”

Wilkinson’s eyes welled with tears as she realized the sovereignty and magnificence of God, who orchestrated the event precisely as he had planned. “I am so thankful that I serve a risen Savior who uses us in ways we cannot imagine,” she expressed.

Wilkinson was quick to remind those who are believers that God wants to speak to their hearts as well; we only need to make room for his voice. With a thankful heart, Wilkinson pleaded to anyone watching that they would accept the love that God wants to lavish upon his children.

Her words are thought-provoking, causing quite a conversation among viewers. What do you think of Wilkinson’s story of faith?