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VIDEO: Doocy Leaves Psaki’s Replacement Tongue Tied With This “Mic Drop” Question

Americans who saw this questioning of Jen Psaki’s replacement Karine Jean-Pierrehad had to be cheering in their seats when Doocy unloaded this mic drop. It was glorious to watch because what Peter said was so devilishly snarky, and it exposed Biden and his admin in a way that was just brilliant. Doocy asked Karine Jean-Pierre if the Biden admin planned on giving immigrants who came here legally money.

She looked confused and appeared to have no idea what Peter was talking about. Of course, Peter was referencing the stories that the DOJ will be paying illegal families in upwards of $450K for being “separated” at the border. Again, these people came here ILLEGALLY. They broke the law, yet American taxpayers are rewarding them with nearly half a million dollars? Insanity.

Karine Jean-Pierre brushed it off and asked why we’d be giving people who came here the “right way” money.

That’s when Peter said, “Why are you giving people who came here the wrong way money.”

Mic drop.

She still didn’t get it – that’s how clueless these elites are about their own policies – Peter explained it again, and you could see the light go on in her head.

That’s when she quickly dismissed the question and said that was something the DOJ was working on.

Watch the video:

Here’s what folks online had to say:

“More money than most Americans will ever see in their lifetime. Makes me sick”

“I feel like I need to “borrow” my nephew, sneak into Mexico, then come blazingly across the border with made up names, get separated, then claim my $450k and give the other $450k to his mom for the gracious loaning of her child”

“She just doesn’t get it does she?”

“this is great… had her all sorts of confused. Nicely done Peter” 

“Well this is the best ever. A slight dose of sarcasm is wonderful.”

“Of course she does not understand the question…”

I love how they brush this off as if the DOJ is some other entity that has nothing to do with Biden.

Patently false. The DOJ falls under the “Executive Branch” which operates under the full authority of the “president.”

All of this is on Joe Biden.