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[VIDEO] Biden’s Energy Secretary Laughs Hysterically When Asked About Gas Prices

I don’t know what’s wrong with this administration. It’s like they’re all so completely and wildly out of touch… every last one of them. They say and do the most inappropriate things. Look at how Jen Psaki behaves – telling us it’s “rude” to claim that Americans are “stranded” in Afghanistan. Well, they are stranded in Afghanistan… still. In regards to the supply chain, Psaki makes snarky comments about people not getting their treadmills. During the Afghanistan nightmare, Biden chuckled and made jokes when reporters asked very serious questions.

This admin actually told the American people that their July 4th BBQ was 16 CENTS cheaper this year than last.

They’re just completely out of touch with normal, average Americans.

And now there’s this debacle with Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm – one of the worst governors (next to Whitmer) that my state has ever had… she actually belly laughed when she was asked about Biden’s plans to lower the cost of gas.

A lot of Americans are suffering right now, because of inflation and the soaring cost of gas, and this filthy rich elite liberal woman is laughing so hard she nearly fell out of her damn chair.

You can watch the video below:

What’s funny, in a sickening and ironic way, is how Granholm is laughing over OPEC, as if there’s nothing we can do about this “Oil Cartel” that has us by the “balls.”

When in reality, we were nearly energy independent when President Trump was in office and we didn’t have to depend on OPEC like we do now – but Biden canceled all that when he was installed into the White House, and now these clowns are laughing like hyenas, while Americans suffer.

It’s disgusting to watch these elites cackle as they do.

Let them eat cake? Let’s Go Brandon.