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Two Girls Were Switched At Birth, So Their Families Made A Drastic Decision

Melissa Fodurah and Katerina Alania lived dramafree lives when they were young girls. But that didn’t last forever. You see, the pair had been unintentionally switched as babies at the hospital, and once their moms found out what had happened, they made a huge, huge decision that changed everything. We can only imagine what was going through those mother’s minds once the shocking truth came to light. After all, how would you react if you found out your child wasn’t actually yours?

It would be devastating. And the hospital responsible for the mix up had a lot to answer for. We know how it happened, though. Melissa and katarina’s moms were both in the same hospital in sicily. It was new year’s eve, 1998, and both were in labor. Read the full story here ▶