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Total of 18 police officers arrived in front of this boy’s house at once and the neighbors couldn’t believe the reason for it

Usually when we see police on the door, we think something is just not ok. But what will you think when you see a bunch of police cars and a total of 18 police officers in front of your house at once? This happened in Missouri when a teenager was surprised of the view.

Micah was 6 years old when his dad, Chad, collapsed and died while running a Marathon in 2007. Chad was just 35 years old and left behind three children. He was working at the Police Dept. in his hometown.

Years after when his son Micah had his graduation party, he decided to send an invitation to some of his father’s colleagues. He wanted some part of his dad to be there that day.

And this happened: car after car were arriving in front of their house and total of 18 officers came. Micah only expected one or two and when he saw them all the was shocked.

Police Chief helped organize the surprise. He said he was honored to work with his dad. “You guys mean a lot to me and my family, so thank you,” chief said.

The officers coming to the party made it truly a moment to remember and helping him honor his late father.