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This Woman’s Boss Sent A “Thank You” Note To HER HUSBAND After Making Her Work Overtime, And I’m Seething

As the price of living continues to rise, additional and additional individuals are reportage a general chafe with their work lives. Earlier this year, CNBC reported that sixty-two % people employees say they are living payroll check to payroll check and, in addition to receiving low pay, feeling disrespected by management was among the highest reasons why several left their jobs.

Among nurses — one of the foremost turbulent positions to carry throughout the pandemic — a touch over common fraction say they will be deeded their positions by the tip of 2022. And, once this “Thank you” card started creating the rounds online, it isn’t laborious to imagine why.

Recently, once a trend of finishing obligatory overtime at work, a nurse came home to seek out that her husband received the subsequent letter from her boss, that reads: “Thank you for sharing your married woman, as she has been mandated to figure many times over the past few months. we tend to acknowledge that this took her off from her family.” Read the full story here ▶