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This Woman Felt Severe Headache Nurse Looks Closer & Runs To The Doctor

A Texas mother of two experienced severe headaches and visited a doctor who discovered that she had tapeworm eggs growing inside her brain. Yadira Brustro from Garland, Texas, had suffered from severe headaches for over a year and had also experienced vision abnormalities that progressed to the point where she was unable to see well in any direction. A surgical procedure at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center in early September removed a total of eight tapeworm eggs from Brustro’s brain.

According to Dr. Richard Mayrat, a neurosurgeon at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, the eggs had a transparent sac surrounding them and looked like eggs with a little tapeworm living inside. Brustro suspects that she may have come into contact with the parasite on a trip to Mexico two years ago, but she has not been able to confirm her suspicions. Her doctors suggested that the parasite might have been present in fecally contaminated water or food, which she had swallowed. Read the full story here ▶