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“This poor baby knew nothing but hate and abuse in this world”, Father’s regular beating of his newborn baby son left the child with 20 broken ribs and abdominal injury that led to his death; convicted

According to the court documents, the 45-year-old father, Jesse, reportedly killed his newborn baby son after he repeatedly beat the child. Jury found the defendant guilty on first-degree child abuse resulting in the death of a child under age 13 and second-degree child abuse.

Prosecutors said the father is now facing a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison for the abuse resulting in death charge, and 15 years for each of the other abuse charges.

On June 17, 2020, the 911 caller told the dispatcher that a newborn baby is in cardiac arrest. The first responders located the child and rushed him to the hospital. Read the full story here ▶