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This mother sent her daughter a loving text. Seconds later she’s in the hospital and hardly recognizable

It was only a moment…

Liz was a popular teenage girl with a bright future ahead of her. But — like most teens — she spent an inordinate amount of time with her smartphone, reading and sending texts, interacting with others on social media.

She rarely let her phone out of her sight. Her inability to ignore it proved to have disastrous consequences.

The National Safety Council has declared April Distracted Driver Awareness Month. The public awareness campaign aims to encourage drivers to focus exclusively on driving — not texting or chatting (even hands free is dangerous) on their cellphones. If Liz could turn back time and make a different decision on that fateful day, she surely would. But that she has chosen to share her painful situation in order to help others to learn from her mistake is a testament to her resilience. Sometimes it’s easy to think “Oh, it won’t happen to me.” But is reading a text really worth finding that out?