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This Mom’s Son Died An Hour After He Swam At The Pool. I Had No Idea This Was Possible.

In this article you will read about the story of Johnny Jackson who went to cool off and swim at the neighborhood pool. His mom, Cassandra watched how her son enjoyed in the cool water. One hour later, when they went home, John said that he is a little bit tired and sleepy.

She was thinking that her son is tired because of the water and the heat. He fell asleep and later when Cassandra went to wake him up, she saw the most appalling thing for every parent.

John didn’t show any signs of life and there was some substance like white foam on his face. Later, the examiner noted that the cause of death is suffocation of drowning.  Everybody were asking how can healthy and young boy drown one hour after swimming?

Cassandra was astonished and shocked. She didn’t realize how can her son talk or walk with lungs filled with water. What she didn’t know is that there is something called dry-drowning. This is a delayed type of drowning and is dangerous as the momentary type of drowning.

The first signs of dry-drowning are rapid changes in the kid’s behavior, hard breathing and excessive tiredness. In case you see any of these signs after swimming, you should take your child in the hospital as soon as possible.

Every second is important for the younger children. A doctor will intubate your child. This means that air will be compressed in the child’s lungs and the water will be ejected out. The most serious thing is that the lungs need to be filled in with air and absorb the oxygen. The capacity to do this process is limited and suspended, and combined with water it can result with death.

The postponed drowning is not that rare as you may think. Did you know that 10-15% of all drowning deaths are credited to dry-drowning? Yet there are many people who have never heard of it which means that they will never recognize the symptoms of this type of drowning.

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