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This Man Travels Half the Globe To Reunite with His Childhood Nanny

I admit it feels great to reunite with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. The never-ending stories, the laughter you shared, and reminiscing about all the common things. 45 years ago, when Annie from Bolivia raised a Swedish little boy of four years old in April 2022, the man reunited with his nanny in Bolivia. Juanito Johnson was born in Sweden in 1973. Now he lives with his wife and three sons in Fungirolo, Malaga, in southern Spain.

Six months after he was born, his family moved to Cochabamba, Bolivia, since both his parents had jobs and his siblings were in school, a nanny was hired to take care of Juanito. Her name was Anna. Anna was very sick before she came to their house. Johnson told the Epoch Times that her husband passed away due to a work-related injury, leaving behind two daughters. Read the full story here ▶