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This is our reality: Young Boy Brought Baggie of Meth Into School Fearful of Going Back Home. But what happen to his parrents?

Kennewick, Washington police have arrested the parents of a young boy who brought a baggie of drugs to school.

KEPR reports that the Edison Elementary student brought a bag of meth to a school leader and said he was afraid to go home.

A school resource officer then spoke with the boy regarding the situation.

As a result, detectives obtained a warrant to search the family’s residence. Authorities reportedly found “Mexis,” a form of fentanyl pill, and other drug paraphernalia inside the home.

A neighbor who spoke with KEPR said:

“I’m very shocked to hear that’s there’s that element in the neighborhood. And for a child to take it to school is really alarming.”

the discovery, police arrested Daniel Staton O’Leary, 29, and Jennifer Ann Edwards, 29. They have been charged with suspicion of possession of a controlled substance.

According to court documents, both individuals denied owning the baggie and use of meth. However, they both admitted to taking pills, KEPR reports.

The documents also note that Edwards showed symptoms of drug use.

Lt. Aaron Clem said:

“Hopefully, this will be the thing that the parents need to push the hem to get the help that they need.”

O’Leary and Edwards remain in Benton County Jail without bail. The boy, who reported his parents, and his younger sibling have been placed with Child Protective Services.