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This Guy Freaked When His Card Was Declined For Gas. Then A Man Asked A Question That Floored Him

This guy freaked when his card was declined for gas. Then a man asked a question that floored him. If you’ve ever had a card declined while making a payment, you know, the sheer panic that sets in when you have to dig up money from somewhere to pay for your purchase or when you go to pay for something and your bank card isn’t where it usually is. Tyson Crawley was having one of those days where he was standing at the checkout and racking his brains about what to do next.

But it was a tricky situation, and he needed to get to work

Then, out of nowhere, a man approached and offered to help. This story took place in 2016 when Tyson Crawley, who hails from Albury, Australia, had something unbelievable happen to him while he found himself in a spot of bother at a gas station. And the incident, of course, quickly went viral on social media. So what happened? Read the full story here ▶