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This footage of two JOCKS and a GEEK made millions of PEOPLE cry! Nobody expected this…

Have you ever thought about what can make you happy? The older you get, the higher the bar raises, and basic things don’t seem. As delightful as they used to be. When we were young. That is why psychologists recommend thinking of. Some simple of things more often and reminding yourself that not everyone in the. World has the opportunity to be healthy.

Have food on their table and a. Roof over their head, and that being. Able to fulfill one’s basic needs is worth a lot. The boy from our story today was. Mocked at school for being poor, but. Some of his classmates handled this situation. 15 year old Michael Todd was born into a poor American family. His parents barely made ends meet drowning in debt.

Michael’s father started having problems at work. Just as the boy was starting school. And it had a very negative effect on the family’s well being. The parents were determined to do everything possible to ensure Michael gets educated and doesn’t feel deprived, at the very least, for the most basic things. However, even though he had no problems with his studies, his social life wasn’t. Read the full story here ▶