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Thieves Run In Horror After They Take A Peek Inside Stolen U-Haul Truck

Most people would agree that thieves are not especially bright people. Instead of putting their industry and desire to money into meaningful work that could earn them an honest living, they divulge their passion and energy into the criminal activity that puts their safety and their victims’ safety into jeopardy every time.

A recent group of thieves from New Mexico stole a U-Haul trailer and then abandoned it after realizing what was inside it. This demonstrated just a bit of common sense, more than most thieves exhibit, and also gave us a glimpse into their honor.
The incident happened in September when a group of no-good thieves stole a U-Haul trailer from the parking lot at a low-cost Residence Inn Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The thieves thought they were getting away with someone’s valuables, but that wasn’t the only thing they were spiriting away with it.

The trailer was filled with an unusual “cargo.” It was not something the New Mexico thieves were prepared to deal with, and once they realized the truth about the U-Haul, they had no choice but to abandon it.

The U-Haul, which was attached to a Chevy Trailblazer, which the low-life thieves also stole, held the casket of the truck owner’s dead father-in-law.

As soon as the thieves learned that they had stolen a dead body, they gave up the game. They left the U-Haul behind.

Albuquerque Police reported on the issue via Twitter:

“Vehicle/trailer and human remains have been located by our Auto Theft Unit. Investigation continues. Thank you for your help.”
The police only jumped onto the case when the truck driver woke up the next morning and looked out into the parking lot of the Residence Inn Hotel. When he saw that the remains of his father-in-law had been stolen, he immediately reported the crime to the police. They jumped on the search and delivered quick results.

Just hours later, the casket and the human remains were found in the abandoned U-Haul trailer. They were left untouched. The criminals had not violated the man’s body.

KRQE reported that the trailer and the Trailblazer were abandoned at a nearby golf course. Stealing the dead man had spooked the thieves.
The truck owner had been traveling with his wife from Oklahoma to Arizona. They had intended to bring the old man’s remains home with them for a proper burial.

The couple had stopped in the New Mexico city to sleep for the night. But the thieves jumped at the opportunity to target their trailer and steal the body of the truck owner’s wife’s dead father.

“An employee here at the Residence Inn observed what he thought at the time was a vehicle being taken,” Officer Tanner Tixier said.
This employee had seen the thieves and that they drove a red Chevy Silverado pickup truck.

The thieves had stolen that truck as well. The police chased the thieves, and it ended in a near-fatal crash. But no one was seriously injured.

The three suspects were arrested and taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies.
“For the family absolutely, that’s our biggest relief. To bring closure that quickly is always a good thing,” Tixier said.