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They Thought They Were Alone, But The Deputy Didn’t Know A Secret Camera Was Filming Everything

El Paso County is in the state of Colorado. Approximately 5000 people live in the area, and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for keeping them all safe. However, that’s not to say that it’s covered. Cops can’t let their hair down every now and then. In 2016, one of the department’s longest-serving officers was Deputy Tony Sherb.

Over the course of his 29-year career, he had served with the traffic unit and the transport and Court departments, but now he was about to take his retirement. Thanks to his hard work, Sherb was a highly valued member of the Sheriff’s office. In fact, many of his fellow colleagues looked up to him. Tony earned a reputation from his peers and supervisors as being highly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable. A post on the department’s Facebook page stated, that around the same time Sher was retiring, the elevators at the Sheriff’s office had been malfunctioning. Read the full story here ▶