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They think he’s only a middle-aged pizza man with stage fright, but what they learn changes their mind

Jamie Pugh was nearly forty when he decided to rethink some things. He had never really given up his childhood dream, but he never really made the jump either.

He saw “Les Miserables” when he was just a kid but the wonderful singing from the famed Broadway musical never really left him. It stuck with him that’s for sure.

He eventually made his way onto “Britain’s Got Talent” and the judges weren’t sure what to think. Here was a middle-aged pizza delivery man who had a problem – He also had stage fright. The judges didn’t even know if he’d be able to perform.

But when he sang his song, he proved the doubters wrong, left the judges with their jaws on the floor, and brought the audience to their feet.

It’s quite a memorable performance.