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They caught worlds biggest alligator, but couldn’t believe what is inside

Wild animals are extremely cool. They roam freely, going from place to place, hunting and fending for themselves.

Like humans, they try to thrive and stay alive; but unlike us, they live with a looming threat of being hunted. People hunt animals for sport, often looking for the biggest catch. Well, these hunters recently went out looking for some alligators but didn’t expect to find this. They ended up finding a record-sized alligator, eventually catching it and bringing it to a taxidermy club to be skinned. What they ended up finding inside is even more mind-boggling.

Just how big is this beast? He came in at a whopping 15 feet long …

And 1011.5 pounds! Whew, that is a big fella!

This alligator was so big that you can be sure there were people taking pictures.

Meet the taxidermist, Ken Owens. Ken began cutting the alligator open, but what he found inside blew him away.

When he finally got through the stomach, he was shocked. He found an entire deer inside! A 115-pound doe, still intact, though it lacked fur.