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The Woman Who Dropped A Baby From 130ft Learns Her Fate

Daria Shavelkina wanted a family of her own. She was so eager to have a child that Daria, a 31-year-old beautician, became very jealous and “envious” of a friend who had three children and an adoring husband. Now, Daria has been found guilty of dropping the other woman’s baby 130 feet to her death from a high-rise apartment in Moscow, Russia, because she was jealous of the other woman’s successful family life.

Daria has been found guilty and was just sentenced to seventeen years in prison for murdering the little baby. The victim’s mother, 30-year-old Yaroslava Korolyova, was traumatized by Daria’s heinous crime.

t the time of the killing, Daria was pregnant with her own child. She had arrived at Yaroslava’s home to pick up baby clothes so she wouldn’t have to buy them herself, saving a lot of money. However, she became “envious” of the other woman during the visit and decided to murder the child to get revenge.

Yaroslava (pictured below) trusted Daria and left her alone with her two-month-old baby girl. When Yaroslava turned her back for a moment, Daria picked up the infant and tossed her out the window, where she fell more than 130 feet to her death down below.

According to authorities, the pair had not fought or argued before Daria threw the baby girl out of the high-rise apartment building’s window. After the baby was tossed to her death, Yaroslava ran down the thirteen flights of stairs to where her little girl laid lifelessly on the ground. The girl had fallen onto a hard surface in the yard beneath the apartment’s window.

Emergency services arrived at the scene but were unable to help the little girl. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the murder.

The killing of her youngest child left Yaroslava “in deep shock.” She still has two children but has been struggling to cope. She requested medical assistance following the young girl’s death and is in need of support during this trying time.

After she was arrested for the killing, Daria told police that she had “heard voices in her head” that ordered her to throw the baby out of the window. The murderer claimed that she killed the baby due, in part, to her mental illness.However, the court did not agree that Daria suffered from a mental illness that would have made her commit such a horrible crime. Instead, they feared that she had “faked” the illness in order to get out of punishment from the law.

Investigative Committee official Yulia Ivanova said: “A comprehensive examination was held at the Serbsky (Center). They did not find any evidence (of mental illness). According to the experts, the woman simulated the disease.”In the end, investigators figured that Daria had been “envious” of her friend’s happy family life. She had thrown the baby to her death during a rash moment.

Daria gave birth to her own child while in custody. She was found guilty of the murder of a minor and was sentenced to seventeen years in prison.