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The “Ugly Baby Challenge” Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Many parents swear that their newborn baby is the cutest baby ever to grace the Earth with their presence. However, not every baby is cut out to be the spokesperson of Gerber. That’s why the Ugly Baby Challenge was born – and one mom proudly spoke out about how she knew her newborn baby was not born with model potential. The viral TikTok video from Arkansas mom Lucy Baehr opens like many other videos posted to the platform by expectant mothers – with shots of her baby bump as well as other stages of the pregnancy process.

The video then shows little Reese as she entered the world. A picture depicts the little girl with her mouth wide open, appearing to be in the middle of a righteous burp. In another picture, Baehr catches Reese in the middle of a massive yawn.

Although most people agree that Baehr does not have an ugly baby – Reese is pretty cute – TikTok fans quickly pointed out that the baby girl looked more like a dad than a mom. Because Beahr was able to create the viral video of her newborn daughter, the content has racked up a lot of likes and comments from people across the globe, with more than twenty-six million views and counting.

“She is her father’s child,” one person commented. “It’s your husband’s fault, low-key,” quipped another.

Another mom wrote, “Nine months of nausea and chaos, and they come out looking like their dads.”

Other viewers noticed similarities between baby Reese and famous male actors.

“She looks like Mr. Bean,” a TikToker said

Another wrote, “Mom: Is it a boy or a girl? Doctor: It’s John Goodman, apparently.”

Although Baehr got most of her followers to laugh along with the images of her “ugly baby,” other people felt that Baehr went too far and did not deserve the title of “mother.”

“People are commenting like, ‘Oh my gosh, not a mom calling her baby ugly! You are a horrible mom. She’s going to grow up with self-esteem issues,’” Baehr told KARK, an NBC affiliate in Arkansas.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas mom has resorted to defending herself and her jokey video during an interview with KARK.

“We got a third dog at the end of September 2019, and my excuse was, ‘well, we aren’t going to have any more kids,’ and then February of 2020 we find out about Reese,” Baehr said.

However, baby Reese looked a bit “weird” when she first entered the world.

“She just had a really big nose. Even Harper, when she held her for the first time, she looked up at me and said, ‘she kind of looks weird, doesn’t she?’ and I was like, ’um, you’re not wrong?’ Baehr said.

Baehr was able to admit her baby was “ugly” and shared images of the child on TikTok.

“This trend started where people were saying, ‘we thought our newborn was going to be so cute and they were not.’ I was like, ‘I win, I win! I win this!” Baehr laughed.

What do you think about the viral Ugly Baby challenge?