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The Reason They Never Take Their Clothes Off The Line Is Because Of Their Crazy Neighbor

Megan Reid decided to share the horror story she has been living with her nosy neighbor. In her viral TikTok video, Reid shows her fiancé, who is on a ladder handling the laundry on a clothesline, to show users on the Chinese-created social media app that they have been forced to use the clothesline to block their “crazy neighbor” and her five security cameras that are pointed at Reid’s property so she can spy on them at all hours of the day.

Instead of using the clothesline to dry their clothes, Reid and her fiancé are using theirs to block their nosy neighbor from peeking into their property. They also want to block her five security cameras that are recording the goings-on on Reid’s property – even though there is no good reason for the security cameras in the first place.

“When your crazy neighbor has five cameras pointed at your front door/driveway… you put up a clothesline,” Reid captioned the now-viral TikTok clip.

Reid zooms her camera into her neighbor’s property and shows one of the security cameras that is pointed at her property. When Reid zooms in, a person, possibly the neighbor, asks, “What are you doing?”

In a short period of time, Reid’s TikTok video accumulated millions of views. Thousands of people in America and across the world are sharing comments about their nosy neighbor and what Reid and her fiancé might be able to do to protect their privacy.

“‘Does this not qualify as an invasion of privacy? I do not understand how people are allowed to do this!” one person wrote.

Another TikTok user asked: “Did she just come out and ask what you are doing on your own property?”

Another user wrote, “I bet she sits and watched all day long bc she has nothing better to do with her sad life.”

Reid replied to that comment, writing: “That’s why it bothers me so much.”

One day after uploading her viral video, Reid shared another clip to her TikTok account. In that video, an alarm was blaring while she was taking her dog out in the yard to relieve themselves.

“This is the reason my neighbor was charged with harassment,” she wrote. “She was setting off an alarm every time I let my dogs out in a fenced yard…”

Reid continued the trend by sharing another follow-up video with her TikTok followers. In this clip, she showed off her neighbor’s five security cameras. To caption that clip, she wrote: “All Karen’s cameras…pointed at our house.”

In a more recent video, Reid showed off the finished clothesline tactic that blocked the cameras from viewing her property. She captioned the new clip, “The final product! She called the police, and they laughed.”

TikTok users wanted to know what Karen said to the police when she called them about the clothesline.

“So she is literally upset that she can’t use her cameras to watch you,” one person wrote.

“What was her complaint? I can’t see their business now?” another person wrote.

Another TikTok user added: “Wooo! Calls the cops: the neighbors are hanging up laundry…LAUNDRY!!!”

According to Reid, her neighbor “actually contacted the counter-terrorism line” and told them the lie that the clothes were “hanging from power lines” rather than a clothesline.