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The police officer adopted a girl he found left alone at her home. He just couldn’t stay away!

They say that everyone comes into our lives for a reason and that the fateful encounter that can change our whole life will always happen at just the right moment. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the situation the hero of our story found himself in gave him much more than he could have ever imagined. 41 year old Brian Zack worked as a lieutenant with the Kingman police department in Mojave County, Arizona.

During the years of his service, he saw many horrific deplorable and also comical incidents that people got into which they couldn’t deal with without his help. Therefore, it was difficult to surprise the man. It was an unpredictable job where one never knew what challenges they might have to take on. But Ryan saw it as his colleague and enjoyed his job, having quickly gotten used to the shocks it involved.

However, that night shift in March 2018, when Zack was subbing in for his colleague turned out to be the most fateful shift of his life. Brian was the desk sergeant that day. Suddenly he got a call from a family asking to check on their neighbors because they thought they heard something wrong, as they had a small child who simply wouldn’t stop crying. Read the full story here ▶